Offering fitness classes for 2-102 yrs old.   Featuring ZUMBA®, Broadway Dance, Kids Dance Classes, Barre, Stretch & Relaxation classes, and Performing Arts summer camps through several Orange County cities' Rec. Depts, and many private organizations, apartments, and senior facilities; as well as Dance Choreography and Personal Training




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These are the places we love, and we have personally experienced. We highly recommend them!

Cathy's Personal Training

Co-Owner Cathy offers Personal Training to our students!  Are you in need in personalized strength or stretch training?  She will help setup a persononalized program for you, guide you through the propoer technique to do your routine effectively.  Two important factors for keeping our lean body mass as we age is ONE to do it at least twice a week and TWO to do it propoerly!  Cathy is a Certified Personal Trainer through AFAA and specilizes in Seniors, including balance, strength, back & neck issues, and more.  Throughout her life she has experienced her own share of rehabilitation due to injuries ranging from sports, falls and repetitive use.  There is nothing like having experienced it yourself to internalize being careful, specific and detailed in correctly executing exercises.  She has experienced rehabiliting her own chronic pains and injuries from head to toe (literally!) through consistent strength and stretching exercises.  You can contact her at 949-375-2277 or

Goshe Physical Therapy

Instructor Cathy: Laurie Goshe was my Physical Therapist when I had my severe back pain and sciatica problems. She has helped rehabilitate me from head to toe, literally! She helped me greatly and got me moving again; so much so, that I started taking Zumba classes. I enjoyed Zumba so much that I went on to become a full-time Zumba Instructor. She provides personalized attention. I recommend Laurie Goshe PT highly if you are in need of Physical Therapy or Massage Therapy.

Velocity Wellness Center

Instructor Sandy swears Dr Mike is a local Dr Oz, sometimes quoting information before she hears it on Dr Oz. She's always been very wary of chiropractors, but he has respected that fear and turned her into a fan of his by enabling her to avoid surgery. Cathy resolved repetitive foot stress with his laser treatments.


Dr Mike of Velocity Wellness Center introduced us to the Yoli Better Body System.  We were so impressed that we signed up as distributors of the Yoli product so we can help transform our students lives and help them achieve a better body with diet and exercise program.  We were so happy with our results as we both have thyroid disease and have been able to lose more fat weight with this system in a short time using a healthy product and a scientific approach.  Contact us to learn how you can transform you life physically and financially.

Oceren Skin Care & Beauty

Wendy Holmes is Instructor Sandy's best friend since elementary school.  Her and her husband are constant entrepreneurs, and professional at all their many businesses.    This business has been Wendy's dream and her business has grown quickly.  You will love how she pampers you, the custom studio her husband crafted for her, and her delightful personality.  She is as sweet as Sandy!  Make sure you tell her Sandy referred you and you'll hear all sorts of good childhood stories!  

Fresca's Mexican Grill

Fresca's is Instructor Cathy's favorite local Mexican food eatery. Not only is the best-tasting, it also is cooked fresh and healthy. It's a small mom & pop business with great prices in a welcoming atmosphere. 

Computer Tutoring (with co-owner Cathy)

Do you need help understanding how to use your computer and it's applications?  Or your phone and it's apps? Are you looking for somone friendly and patient who will make you feel comfortable to ask any software question you have with ease? Take advantage of our co-owner Cathy's software background and friendly personality to help you out!  Her philosophy is the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!   You can contact her at 949-375-2277 or  or   Click here for info

Thanks Sponsors!

Thanks to our sponsors of our past events!  We appreciate your donations to our raffles.: Arf! Dog Walks, Joni Ross, Oceren, Tracy Elder Photography, Goshe Physical Therapy,  Salon 370, Lee Healy Marketing Communications and personal donations!   click here for sponsor info
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